The Red Eight Gallery is a Contemporary Art Gallery in London, specialising in works by the Worlds Leading Emerging & Established Artists.
The Matroschka collection is focused on peace, family, and unity with a fresh, modern take. As someone who grew up in a mixed family and is well traveled around the world, Ivan knows firsthand the struggles of acceptance and belonging. With his work, he shatters stereotypes and proves that
the definition of “family” is not limited by religion, origin, or politics.

Each matryoshka doll in the collection represents a unique culture that is shaped by its traditions and their implementation in the present.
Ivan’s pieces celebrate diversity and showcase the tight-knit bond that families share, despite their differences. Matryoshka showcases a modern approach to culture and family. Through playful depictions of different cultures, Ivan challenges stereotypes and highlights the diversity of people
he’s encountered on his travels.

Growing up in a mixed family, Ivan learned that family knows no bounds. It’s not about religion, origin, or politics - it’s about love, respect,
and acceptance. As Ivan himself says, « Art is only as good as the feelings it creates in you. »

The exhibition took place from 6th of April - 6th of May in London at the Red Eight Gallery, located at the Royal Stock Exchange.
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