The desire for love is a natural human thing. Some may find themselves looking for it on the streets, others may think they’ll find it at an art exhibition. 
The Location (Kurfürstenstraße) and the title make love to appear as something for sale. Like anything that can be bought in the supermarket or the online Gucci store. But love is neither an object or a service, nor does it carry a price tag. It’s a feeling.  A sense of connection. Like art, it triggers emotions, memories, ideas and stimulates your imagination. What does love look like through your eyes and your soul? "Gekaufte Liebe“ reflects a place that does business with love every day. It questions the forms, colors and shapes of love and the value that society and each of us give to it. 

What are we willing to pay for this feeling and what circumstances are we willing to accept?
We invited national & international artists to freely interpret “Gekaufte Liebe“. 

Their works, the exhibition shows different perspectives, attitudes and artistic positions on this topic, which is intended to open a respectful discourse and a social dialogue. The group exhibition [ambivalent] at Notagallery shows more than 300 works of 35 national and international Artists and took place from April 1st - 15th of July 2022.


Anne Bengard, Davina Gescha, River Davis, Ivan Gette, Fabifa, Carolin Ruggaber, Hoker One, Peter Maximillian Ronsdorf,
Viviana Clara, Doktor Yo, Anna Nezhnaya, Linus Ma, Johanna Weber, Jonas Kirsch, Johannes Steininger, Elisabeth Strehl.
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