Ivan Gette is a Berlin based abstract painter and gallery owner. He uses art and colour to mirror the modern media – time with the experiences, meaningful people connections and the mediation of emotions. Lending from his personal history and identity, his boldly interpretative, color-coded work represents how society interacts, encounters and expresses moments and stories.

He describes his style as “abstract nihilism”, which explains his impulsive way of creating art in total freedom, not being guided by rules and restrictions. His abstract works invite the viewer to have a dialogue and confrontation with their belief systems.

“Art is only as good as
the feelings it creates in you.”

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Ivan's journey began in the heart of the former USSR, Omsk, amidst inaugural snowflakes on October 17, 1988. Born rebellious, his first act of defiance was breaking kindergarten rules, escaping nap-time, and being caught by "guards."

Seeking a brighter future, his family ventured to Germany, overcoming language barriers and unfamiliar customs. Battling cruelty and language hurdles, Ivan's refuge became self-defense, his body speaking where words couldn't. Skateboarding led him to an underground world, connecting him with kindred spirits worldwide, all bursting with boundless energy. With them, he discovered how to channel his emotions through artistic expression, diving into the realms of hip-hop, breakdancing, and the vibrant world of graffiti.

Determined to pursue art, Ivan challenged traditional norms at Dutch art schools. but his rebellious character wasn't a fit with the traditional art study. Instead, he rocked Sport Studies, International Business and Management, funding his journey through an event agency and clothing brand. He then joined Nike and produced several creative campaigns but his urge for artistic expression remained unquenched. As creative director for Paul Ripke, his chaotic creativity found its release, using post-work painting to silence inner voices.

His home is quickly transformed into an artistic haven for global souls to meet and discuss art fueled by inspiration. His friends branded him an artist, an uncomfortable status that he eventually embraced by quitting his job. Overcoming closed doors, he forged his path by organizing his own exhibitions in Germany, this is when he came up with the idea of "Notagallery" to use his art to connect people to create new opportunities for artists.

Today, Ivan straddles two worlds: daylight gallery owner and art curator, intertwining global art and culture, and nighttime studio dweller, weaving emotions into art for tranquility. His journey showcases life's unpredictability, shaped by connections made along the way.

Mar 2023
Group Exhibition “Ambivalent” Notagallery, Berlin
Aug 2022
Group Exhibition “Gekaufte Liebe” Notagallery, Berlin
Dec 2019
Solo Exhibition “Loud Strokes” Audemars Piquet House, Munich
Apr 2023
Solo Exhibition “Matryoschka” Red Eight Gallery, London
Mar 2019
Group Exhibition “Silent Perceptions” Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg
Jun 2019
Solo Exhibition “Story of a color” NoHo, Hamburg
Aug 2019
Solo Exhibition “Story of a color” Gentlemans Circle, Berlin
Sep 2023
Group Exhibition “Time is running out” Notagallery, Berlin

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Depending on his clients’ preferences, he offers a wide range of materials, mediums and technique, but he always sticks to his own style. Each request is unique and adjusted to the client’s needs. If you are interested and want to make a request for your individual artwork, feel free to get in touch with Ivan using the contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.