Don't be a big dick (blue)

Ivan Gette

Don't be a big dick (blue)

Don't be a big dick (blue)

Medium: Spray-paint, acrylic on canvas
Size: 160 x 120 cm
Year: 2022

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This collection showcase two powerful series of artworks that explore the theme of the vulva. The first series, entitled „Don’t be a dick“ features 100 unique vulva paintings, each one individually crafted  and assembled into one great work.

The artist, Ivan Gette, sought to challenge the traditional representations of the vulva in art and society by presenting a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Through this series, Gette aims to promote visibility and acceptance of the female sexual organ which is often associated with shame.

The second series “Don’t be a big dick“ consists of a collection of four large mixed-media paintings that use the vulva as symbol of female empowerment and resistance. Gette creates bold and striking images by combining bright colors with free hand-drawn strokes. Through these works he highlights the ways in which the vulva has been suppressed and stigmatized throughout history and how it can be reclaimed and celebrate as a symbol of strength and liberation.

Taken together these two collections present a powerful and thought provoking exploration of the vulva and its cultural significance. Viewers are invited to engage with the artworks and consider the ways in which our perceptions and attitudes towards the vulva shape our understanding of gender, sexuality and human body.